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Remodeling your home is an exciting time, and one of the more challenging rooms to remodel can be your small bathroom. Getting the results you need with small bathroom remodeling is simply a matter of knowing where to look to start your planning. There are many aspects to small bathroom remodeling that the average homeowner would never consider, but if you let your imagination go for a little while you can begin to come up with many ideas on how to get the small bathroom remodeling results you are looking for - it's fast, free and easy!


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Here is a quick guide of the top ten areas to look at when you are putting together your small bathroom remodeling plans.


● If you have a small bathroom, or even a half bath, and you have closet space built in to the walls, then you may want to consider utilizing that space for other things. A Small bathroom remodel is about creating as much space as possible in your bathroom, and things such as linen closets and storage areas are reserved for the larger bathrooms in your house. If you are doing a small bathroom remodeling project to the only bathroom in your house, then consider installing wall shelves to store items on and you may also get some ideas with the vanity mirror suggestions later in the list.

● It is a good idea to get a vanity mirror that also doubles as a medicine cabinet for small bathroom remodeling. You can get the recessed type that can be installed into the wall which would prevent the medicine cabinet from sticking out and taking up space. Many of these units also come with lighting fixtures attached to them which frees up more wall space as well. Since you are using wall space for this cabinet, you can get a larger unit that can hold more items. Creative use of wall space is critical to any small bathroom remodeling project.

● If your small bathroom has a shower unit, then your small bathroom remodeling project could include a replacement. A bathtub is a good thing to have, but if you are trying to save space with your small bathroom remodeling project then you may want to consider a unit that is a shower only.

● A great space saving tip for a small bathroom remodel project is to replace your large vanity base with a pedestal unit. This is a chance to add some class to your small bathroom remodeling project and bring a sense of style and beauty to the bathroom. A pedestal bathroom sink assembly takes up a lot less space that the traditional style vanity, and it is easier to clean and maintain as well. .

● So far, many of the ideas in this small bathroom remodeling list have centered around removing storage space from your bathroom. This is where a little decorating sense can help you get the most out of your small bathroom remodeling project. Wall space is usually more plentiful in any room than floor space, so it would make sense to move all of the storage to the walls. The wall area above the toilet is a great place to install a bathroom cupboard that can be used to store linens and anything else you may need. Be certain to install the mounting screws into the wooden wall studs to insure that the unit is strong enough to support the items that are put into it.

● Many of the changes you can make in your small bathroom remodeling project are decorative, but they maintain a level of efficiency to them that makes them practical. Putting decorative molding where the walls meet the ceiling, and decorative trim where the walls meet the floors, can give the room more of a sense of definition and can help it seem larger. Many people opt for the wallpaper border along the top and the vinyl border along the bottom. The idea of giving form and definition to the walls can make them seem larger and the room can open up a bit.

● Toilet design has changed over the years, and if you were considering not changing the toilet in your small bathroom remodeling project then you may want to think about how that could affect your water bill. Toilets are now designed to be more efficient with how much water they use per flush. If your current toilet is more than 10 years old, then it could be inflating your water bill every time you use it and replacing it should be part of your small bathroom remodel project. Changing your toilet also allows you to coordinate the toilet and sink with the rest of the bathroom as well. The more you put into your small bathroom remodeling project then the more you will get out of it.

● Paying attention to the details in a small bathroom remodeling project can make a room really sparkle when you are done with your small bathroom remodeling project. Choose a theme for your bathroom and then create your design around that theme. If you choose an older style look, then consider getting a bathroom faucet and towel hanging hardware that fits that theme. Always have a plan going in to a small bathroom remodeling project as that will make laying out the final design that much easier and fun.

● You need to maintain a sense of how your changes could affect the overall look of your home. A small bathroom remodeling project is an investment in the value of your home and it should be treated that way from start to finish.

● The most important advice anyone can give about a small bathroom remodeling project is to have fun with it and take pride in the results. The more positive energy you put into your small bathroom remodeling project, the better your chances of getting positive results you can be proud of when it is done.


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